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Cleaning System

Unique wetcleaning concept


Heavy duty washer-extractors.

  • HARMONY is a all-in-one solution designed as an alternative to classical dry cleaning process. Combining high quality materials and innovative method, HARMONY offers new perspectives in the professional cleaning area.

    • Eco-Friendly Green Technology
    • Superior Cleaning Quality
    • Dry-to-dry Cycle Options
    • Multi-weight loading
    • 14 Minutes Wash Cycles
    • 55 Seconds Quick Extract
    • Automated Cleaning Programs
    • Touch Screen Control
    • Up to 100 Programs Possibility
    • 10 Water Level Options
    • Easy-to-Clean Drain and Filter
    • No Hazardous Waste
  • Washer-extractors of the WUN Series are high quality and high durability machines are designed and manufactured according to demanding standards in order to provide best performances ever.

    • Heavy Duty Shocks and Springs
    • Premium Efficiency Motor & Inverter Control
    • High Speed Extraction
    • High Anti-Vibrations Specifications
    • Unique Mounting System
    • 8 Chemicals Ports
    • Touch Screen Control
    • Controled by PLC
    • Up to 100 Programs Possibility
    • 10 Water Level Options
    • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
    • No time limit for spare parts manufacturing
YAMAMOTO at EXPODETERGO 2018 in Milano, Italy
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YAMAMOTO at EXPODETERGO 2018 in Milano, Italy
YAMAMOTO over the world, with you forever
YAMAMOTO over the world, with you forever

"We always operate our company with the aim of achieving a business model of "co-existence and co-prosperity" for both the company and employees when we determine company policies. Each section of our company establishes a goal for the business model that keeps us ahead of our competitors and always provides challenging work. Furthermore, we have learned many things while opening up and expanding overseas markets. Taking advantage of such valuable experience, we are always looking to incorporate "new perspectives" into the domestic market as well as to maintain our uniqueness (Yamamoto-ism) for company performance."

Shohei YAMAMOTO - President / CEO of YAMAMOTO Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


We are aware that, in order to guarantee best conditions of use of our equipments, a reliable supplying solution is essential from the manufacturer to the final user. To this end, we want to ensure that any of our customer can have a local support to assist him and provide qualified, quick and efficient support. In this way, we can keep an eye on each machine we are sending to the world.

If you are a laundry material supplier and want to provide our equipments to your customers, please feel free to submit us a request through our details you'll find here. We are always paying much attention to dedicated suppliers who are cautious about providing quality materials. Together, be sure we can offer a reliable partnership that will never disappoint your customers.