Our goal is to produce quality materials, offering both optimal performance and exemplary reliability, to offer sustainable support and fully provide satisfaction in the demanding field of laundry business.

For this reason, our equipment is almost entirely manufactured (97%) at our production site in Onomichi, Japan. Thus, we make sure to control the production of our machines and guarantee their « Made in Japan » reliability.


The WUN models are a clear example of the advanced craftsmanship that gave the name "FOREVER" to our machines. Their robustness, resulting largely from their meticulous design and the precision of each of the elements that compose them, coupled with the fact that we supply spare parts with no time limit, allow our equipment to literally accompany you
« forever ».

Our engineers have adopted a unique suspension system, developed over many years of research, which drastically reduces vibrations during the washing and especially extraction which limits the impact of the operation of the machine on the structure of the latter. This system is one of the keys that allows our equipment to last « forever ».

Some loads that are difficult to balance and end up insufficiently extracted in more conventional models, pose no problem to WUN models and are washed and wrung at high speed effectively. This feature makes these machines perfectly suitable for laundries processing rather bulky items (mats for example).


Indisputably, our desire to produce parts with minimal tolerance, in our production plant where automation is ubiquitous, is the keystone of the reliability of our equipment. Particular attention to the accuracy of each element is the guarantee of the long-term viability of the whole.